Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Survivor Cagayan Season Finale Sneak Peek: Who will be the next Sole Survivor

This season of Survivor must the craziest, unpredictable and most insane season ever in the history of this show. Someone would always make a move that no one thought could be done by that person. Someone will always be betrayed, lied and get fooled; this show is really amazing!

So, who will it be? Who among this four castaways will be crown as the 2014 Sole Survivor? Will it be Chaos Kass, the 41 year old attorney who betrayed her Brains Tribes to join Tony’s alliance; Spencer, the youngest castaway kid who has managed to hand on by a thread week after week; Woo, the 29-year-old martial arts instructor who used his martial art skills to entertain some children from a small village; or

Friday, 16 May 2014

Season Finale Recap: The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 22 'Home'

Here’s another amazing Season Finale for the Vampire Diaries…  In this finale, Stefan died and if Bonie won’t able to figure out a way on how to save the Other Side, he, Bonnie, and all of their other supernatural friends will be gone forever.

While Elena and Caroline have decided to take matters into their own hands and they recruit the help of Liv and Luke now that they no longer need to kill a doppelganger. But when the siblings started to refuse to help, claiming that their coven would kill them, Caroline has a better idea – where she snaps his Luke’s neck. Welcome to the other side, Luke! Now Liv has no other choice but to help. What a move!

On the other hand, Markos has decided to play a game of torture with Tyler’s body. To stop him from helping his friends ruin the Traveler spell, Markos will make sure that he pays the ultimate price where he takes his life. Well, it looks like the gang have to the day without him.

Is he gone for good in this season? Geez!

Meanwhile, Damon and Jeremy had decided to also take action too and want to be in charge of the fate of their friends. The sheriff has let them know about an escape route out of town, and with this new info, then the scheming begins. They’re going to explode some underground place because they’re convinced this will help stop the Other Side deterioration – and Damon is going to volunteer on this suicide mission. Something tells me this isn’t going to make Elena happy. Oh… Poor Elena….

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Teen Wolf Special Scope: Teen Wolf Season 4 Spoilers and some recaps from Season 3

Still… can’t believe that they kill Allison character… some of you may already move on from it. But without her it’s not the same anymore and that is the feeling of something went missing and hoping to comeback. Hmmm…. Once more, Farewell Allison.

Anyway, at the Teen Wolf Season 3 Finale, an unexpected comeback just happened… Kate Argent is in Beacon Hills again everyone! What is she up to this time? Most fans probably reacted like “Woah! She’s alive and what is she? Is she some kind species? Was it her ‘She Wolf’ that those Mexican people have been looking for?