Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Survivor Cagayan Season Finale Sneak Peek: Who will be the next Sole Survivor

This season of Survivor must the craziest, unpredictable and most insane season ever in the history of this show. Someone would always make a move that no one thought could be done by that person. Someone will always be betrayed, lied and get fooled; this show is really amazing!

So, who will it be? Who among this four castaways will be crown as the 2014 Sole Survivor? Will it be Chaos Kass, the 41 year old attorney who betrayed her Brains Tribes to join Tony’s alliance; Spencer, the youngest castaway kid who has managed to hand on by a thread week after week; Woo, the 29-year-old martial arts instructor who used his martial art skills to entertain some children from a small village; or
could it be Tony, the oldest castaway, a old cop/construction worker who has fooled anybody who tries betray him and found more immunity idols that anyone in this season?

How about you, who do you think be the ‘Sole Suvivor’? Check out the Survivor Cagayan Season Finale Sneak Peek here below;

Let’s watch out for it together and see the Survivor Season 28 Episode 13 online here at survivor with the full 2 hour episode viewing. You don’t wanna miss this episode, because this must be one of the greatest season finale of Survivor.

Anyway, the Host  Jeff Probst did confirmed in a Reddit AMA Monday that in this season will be reverting to the format of having two castaways present in their case to the jury. Which means that in the Finale of Survivor Cagayan their will only two immunity challenges and three Tribal Councils, eliminating two castaways before the live reunion show.

Would you believe that Tony had shed some tears while Kass has shown no mercy? In the preview, Kass ask this question “Do you want me to come out and be you mama or do you want come out and win?” it might be rude to say this but she’s right.

Oh great! So just stay tune for my recap of the “Survivor: Cagayan” season finale, and read my recap of last week’s episode here.

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