Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Teen Wolf Special Scope: Teen Wolf Season 4 Spoilers and some recaps from Season 3

Still… can’t believe that they kill Allison character… some of you may already move on from it. But without her it’s not the same anymore and that is the feeling of something went missing and hoping to comeback. Hmmm…. Once more, Farewell Allison.

Anyway, at the Teen Wolf Season 3 Finale, an unexpected comeback just happened… Kate Argent is in Beacon Hills again everyone! What is she up to this time? Most fans probably reacted like “Woah! She’s alive and what is she? Is she some kind species? Was it her ‘She Wolf’ that those Mexican people have been looking for?

You probably wondered of what is this ‘She Wolf’ that this Mexican’s have been looking for; they even tortured Derek and Peter just to get some information and find out her whereabouts. But since, Derek and Peter didn’t know anything about it they didn’t anything from them.

A ‘She Wolf’ (La Loba) is the name of a mythical woman from the pueblo people. The Myth became famous in Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book, Women Who Run with The Wolves. She is known to collect and preserve especially that which is in danger being lost the sole work of La Loba is the collecting of bones.  She is known to collect and preserve especially that which is in danger of being lost to the world.  Her cave is filled with the bones of all manner of desert creatures: the deer, the rattlesnake, the crow.  But her speciality is said to be wolves. Oh… Her new character seems more interesting and exciting! But which side is she this time? Will she be an alliance this time or is she going to be another harmful villain.

A new character is sticking around this upcoming Teen Wolf Season 4, MALIA!!! Malia is the newest girl on town of Beacon Hills. Stiles and Malia became lovers when they met at mental hospital where both them got admitted. Then they got separated when Stiles decided to escape from the mental hospital. They met again at school when everything seems to be alright.

Get to see Teen Wolf Episodes online here at where you can view full episode from the previous seasons, or you may also click the link above. 

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